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losing your bottle! Ok, so you love the thought of using a more caring shampoo that’s completely natural, but you’re worried about making the switch from your usual chemical goo. Don’t be.  It might take a few washes to make the transition – or ‘purge’ as it’s sometimes called – but it’s easy enough if you follow these simple tips from our friends at Friendly soap. At first, your scalp might become slightly oily or dry, or flip between the two.  It might feel frizzy or waxy too, like there’s a bit of residue left in it. Don’t panic – this is normal, and it’s just your hair’s way of adjusting because your scalp needs time to rebalance its natural oil production. This stage usually lasts around one week, depending on just how much damage using chemical shampoos has done. Stick with it! Once your hair has adjusted it will feel softer, cleaner and much more manageable, and that’s because natural shampoo bars clean and condition your hair without stripping it of its natural sebum. Any dandruff might disappear too, because your scalp isn’t being dried out and your skin isn’t reacting to those nasty chemicals bottled shampoos are full of. Tips for an easy transition Use an apple cider vinegar rinse (see below) instead of a conditioner, as this helps restore your scalp’s pH balance as well as banish old chemicals. It will also protect the shaft of each hair and give it a wonderful shine too. Brush your hair gently and often –…


COVID-19 update – we’re now offering deliveries

We've offered online ordering and collection for some time now, but due to the current situation with COVID-19 believe its time to step up and help our community. For those in isolation, or just wanting to reduce social contact, we'd like to remind you that you can email us your order and we'll pack it for you! Here's how it works: Download our current stocklist here: what we stock We've even made a handy order form for you, available to download as a PDF or MS Word file. Send your order form and phone number to us at We will:- 🛒 put your order together (in paper bags)- 📞 call you when it's ready and take payment over the phone- 🏠 agree a drop off/ collection point. 🛍 We are going to need extra supplies of cloth and reusable bags so if anyone is able to donate bags or make a few for us that would be amazing 😁 🚛 We are also looking for volunteer drivers to drop orders at local 'hubs' - and so yes, we're also looking for volunteers to act as collection points where neighbours can collect - please DM us if you can help 💚



COVID-19 and What we're doing at REFILL SHOP - 15/3/20   Due to the rapidly changing situation and the public health advice we are revising our operating procedure here at ReFill Shop. Our priority is to keep our volunteers, staff and customers as safe as possible so we are implementing the following measures as of tomorrow.We have asked our volunteers not to come in which means we will only have one member of staff in the shop at any one time. As you know our shop is only tiny so to minimise contact we are suspending self service and asking customers to shop one at a time and we will serve you. If there is a customer being served please could you wait outside for your turn. We know this may slow an already slow process but please bear with us! We will only be accepting card payments - cash is unhygienic and we want to minimise risk to our staff. We are working hard to put in place an online order/delivery service so that we can continue to support our community and especially the most vulnerable amongst us (and also relieve the pressure on our staff). There will be updates on how this will work later on. This situation is constantly evolving so we hope we are being overly cautious. In the meantime we are very grateful for all your support and understanding 


what we do when we’re not refilling: ReFill shop volunteers go crafting!

Its been a crazy first year for us - infact we've only been open since April, but we've crammed a lot in:We've helped our amazing customers reduce a huge amount of single-use plastic from entering the waste stream:— the equivalent of 1,800 bottles of cleaning products, over 550 toothbrushes, 250 disposable razors and with several shampoo and conditioner options, prevented around 1,800 more bottles ending up in landfill; and as another example — over 100,000 sheets of toilet paper ...that’s enough to stretch from Bude to Bodmin and back, via Launceston!The shop has also helped to decrease food waste and food packaging, because you can buy exactly what you need. So  far that’s over 100kg of chocolate treats and 550kg of pasta, but you also like our cereals, nuts, rice, pulses and spices.We've supported the Bude Food Bank, gifting a £1,000 voucher scheme allowing recipients to come in and purchase what they would like.We've been so well supported by you that we've already been able to welcome Celli as our first paid member of staff, managing the shop for us half the week. We set up the shop with the dream of being able to provide employment opportunities and to be able to do so in our first six months was just incredible!However, despite taking on a paid employee, we’re still very much volunteer powered and we would not have achieved all this without our tireless volunteer team. So with that in mind, we thought we'd take off to the woods on Wednesday and enjoy…


12 days of ReFill Christmas – gift ideas to help you jingle all the way to the big day!

Whoop whoop it's 1 December which means we can officially shout the C word from the chimney tops!For the next 12 days we'll be posting a zero waste Christmas present idea to help you jingle-all-the-way to the big day. Did you check back in with our post everyday to see what we added? Here's a round-up if you missed it:Dec 1: Mutiny large shave gift set £30; Dec 2: Beebombs £8; Dec 3: Jedz bottle £20; Dec 4: Kids Fight Plastic book £7.99; Dec 5: Kukena candles £10-12; Dec 6: ReFill Shop gift vouchers £ you chose; Dec 7: Soy and Fir Firelighters £4.50; Dec 8: Kutis gift set £26; Dec 9: Beeswax wrap kit £7-12; Dec 10: WGAC toilet paper (yes really!) from 70p; Dec 11: Sabins coffee gift pack £10 approx (depends on bean); Dec 12: Re-useable Christmas crackers.Keep an eye out for our stocking filler ideas post in the next few days - small pressies under £5. dec 12 reuseable christmas crackers - £28 set of six To ensure your Christmas goes with a bang, we're bringing you the ultimate in sustainable celebrations - Travelling Stitches re-useable crackers!Made from scrap sourced materials, Sarah has handmade these quirky Christmas must haves - a set of six in a box makes a truly thoughtful present for your own big day, or to bring to someone elses.These come empty, and are roomy enough for you to fill with treats of your choice - we've got lots to offer in the shop - kutis lip balm…

Read more about the article Hallowe’en without the (plastic) Horror – four easy swaps you’ll fang us for

Hallowe’en without the (plastic) Horror – four easy swaps you’ll fang us for

Hallowe'en without the (plastic) Horror - four easy swaps you'll fang us for In a dark, dark wood, there lived a dark dark... OK so, the real horror story is this October, Hallowe'en is expected to generate an additional 2000 tonnes of plastic from costumes alone - equivalent to 83 million plastic bottles. And the total plastic waste footprint of Hallowe'en is of course much higher when you consider party kits and decorations, and Hallowe'en food packaging, most of which is single use. Shocking! Lovers of infographics can find the full sickening report at plastic-free doesn't have to mean petrifying! Here's our non-scary sustainable swaps for a zero-waste Hallowe'en NO TRICKS - ALL TREATS!While passing out fruit might sound like a good way to get your house egged, windfall toffee apples pumpkin face tangerines are always a huge hit with our trick or treaters. Not convinced? ReFill Shop Bude has plenty of zero waste palm oil free treats for your party or those visiting ghouls - from Haribo to Bombay Mix, to dried fruit and nuts, to chocolate buttons! We'll even supply you with paper bags. If you are having a party, ask your guests to bring home-made treats in reuseable containers. MAKE IT!More than 30 million of us are set to dress up and frighten our friends and neighbours - with most people buying new costumes each year, of which 40% are worn just once, and only a tiny proportion sent for recycling. Here's Gen and Issac showing us there's no need to…


Get your cook on with Ali!

We've been asked how we come up with such yummy ideas for using ReFILL staples. It helps when you have your very own nutritional natural goddess on hand - so drum roll please... Meet Ali from Welcome based cookery school Ali studied food science and inspired by the South West’s superb local food producers, her passion for cooking blossomed and is now also influenced daily by the fast pace of the ever growing healthy eating food scene. In 2016 she established CookSimplyCook cookery school at Home Farm in the village of Welcombe on the North Cornwall and Devon Coast in stunning unspoilt countryside. Ali has been a supporter of ReFILL since our journey began and we love sharing her delicious recipes here, in the shop and on our facebook page - Thanks Ali, you star x


5 ways to be more Leo this festival season

CREDIT JIM MICHELL If you've not experienced The Wyldes yet, you're missing out on a little piece of fairytale. Home to LeoPallooza, and host to bands, weddings and other events, the guys behind the destination venue are adopting several measures to minimize their festival footprint and here's where they are so far: a 0% landfill policy with 90% of waste recycled, while the remaining 10% is converted into fuel pellets. ban on single use plastic drinking cups, embrasing reusable ‘Stack Cups’ bamboo straws instead of plastic. The main stage is made of recycled steel and reclaimed wood. The second stage is made from recycled timber from a barn in Okehampton. They partner with our friend and fellow eco-activist Martin Dorey, creator of the 2 Minute Beach Clean- by collecting up any abandoned tents to turn into bags by sustainable local clothing company RootedOcean. They encourage car-sharing - 4 or more in the car and you can park for free!).   But there's still room for improvement - and here's where us revellers come in. Here's our guide to what to pack and how to party the plastic-free way - saving single use items going to landfill, and space in your rucksack: wear what you already own. Fast fashion (and more on that in another post) is bad for so many reasons, so reimaging that cowboy hat with a bandana (that you can also use as a napkin, face cloth - ooh the possibilities are endless! If you REALLY need a new outfit, buy second hand…


Get your (natural) scrub on

Natural cleaning with ReFILL Shop Bude Disinfecting spray, bleach, surface cleaners, disinfecting wipes—the products themselves and their packaging generate a huge amount of waste and pollute not only our water, but affect our air quality too. Why not cut the plastic and save some pennies by making your own from every day ingredients? Despite what the Hinch crowd might have you believe, cleaning a house naturally is no less effective than using harsh chemicals. Switching to homemade DIY cleaners might sound like a lot more work, but it’s actually quite simple. You can buy the core ingredients here at ReFILL Shop Bude, and the optional extras you’ll probably already have, or are otherwise easy to come by. Key ingredients These items are available to buy in our shop white vinegar coarse salt sodium bicarbonate rapeseed oil castile soap These ingredients you may already have at home lemons essential oils washing up liquid washing soda (sodium carbonate) – if you don’t have this at home, make your own – cover the bottom of a baking tray with an inch of sodium bicarbonate, and heat in the oven at 200C for 1 hour, stirring occasionally) reuseable cloths spray bottles 18 recipes for cleaning the natural way Glass cleaner Pic cred: Combine the following ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well:  2 cups of water.  Here in Cornwall we have soft water, but if you live in a hard water area, use distilled or filtered so it doesn’t leave residue 2 tablespoons vinegar Lemon or orange…


Ali’s raw vegan flapjack bites

Another really versatile recipe, that you can swap out for different nuts, seeds, berries to keep it interesting and to make use of what the shop also sells alongside the main staples. ingredients 100g pecans 100g hazelnuts 20g mixed seeds - linseeds, flax, chia seeds 180g medjool dates 100g mixed dried berries - blueberries, cranberries, sour cherries 200g porridge oats (OR use oatmeal pinhead coarse or steel cut oats which all contain even more nutrition - can also use GF porridge oats) 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil 1-2 tablespoons maple, honey or coconut nectar Pinch sea salt Get making! PLACE nuts, seeds, pitted dates + dried berries into a food processor. BLITZ until nicely chopped. ADD oats, coconut oil + maple or coconut nectar. PULSE until combined but still with a bit of texture. PRESS into tray or roll into small bite-sized balls. Keep in fridge or freeze off.  That's it - no cooking so great to make with little ones. If you don't have a food processor, a bag or tea towel and a rolling pin will do the job just as well - and work out any frustrations just as well as meditating. Just us? Oh...


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