COVID-19 update – we’re now offering deliveries

We've offered online ordering and collection for some time now, but due to the current situation with COVID-19 believe its time to step up and help our community. For those in isolation, or just wanting to reduce social contact, we'd like to remind you that you can email us your order and we'll pack it for you! Here's how it works: Download our current stocklist here: what we stock We've even made a handy order form for you, available to download as a PDF or MS Word file. Send your order form and phone number to us at We will:- 🛒 put your order together (in paper bags)- 📞 call you when it's ready and take payment over the phone- 🏠 agree a drop off/ collection point. 🛍 We are going to need extra supplies of cloth and reusable bags so if anyone is able to donate bags or make a few for us that would be amazing 😁 🚛 We are also looking for volunteer drivers to drop orders at local 'hubs' - and so yes, we're also looking for volunteers to act as collection points where neighbours can collect - please DM us if you can help 💚



COVID-19 and What we're doing at REFILL SHOP - 15/3/20   Due to the rapidly changing situation and the public health advice we are revising our operating procedure here at ReFill Shop. Our priority is to keep our volunteers, staff and customers as safe as possible so we are implementing the following measures as of tomorrow.We have asked our volunteers not to come in which means we will only have one member of staff in the shop at any one time. As you know our shop is only tiny so to minimise contact we are suspending self service and asking customers to shop one at a time and we will serve you. If there is a customer being served please could you wait outside for your turn. We know this may slow an already slow process but please bear with us! We will only be accepting card payments - cash is unhygienic and we want to minimise risk to our staff. We are working hard to put in place an online order/delivery service so that we can continue to support our community and especially the most vulnerable amongst us (and also relieve the pressure on our staff). There will be updates on how this will work later on. This situation is constantly evolving so we hope we are being overly cautious. In the meantime we are very grateful for all your support and understanding 


what we do when we’re not refilling: ReFill shop volunteers go crafting!

Its been a crazy first year for us - infact we've only been open since April, but we've crammed a lot in:We've helped our amazing customers reduce a huge amount of single-use plastic from entering the waste stream:— the equivalent of 1,800 bottles of cleaning products, over 550 toothbrushes, 250 disposable razors and with several shampoo and conditioner options, prevented around 1,800 more bottles ending up in landfill; and as another example — over 100,000 sheets of toilet paper ...that’s enough to stretch from Bude to Bodmin and back, via Launceston!The shop has also helped to decrease food waste and food packaging, because you can buy exactly what you need. So  far that’s over 100kg of chocolate treats and 550kg of pasta, but you also like our cereals, nuts, rice, pulses and spices.We've supported the Bude Food Bank, gifting a £1,000 voucher scheme allowing recipients to come in and purchase what they would like.We've been so well supported by you that we've already been able to welcome Celli as our first paid member of staff, managing the shop for us half the week. We set up the shop with the dream of being able to provide employment opportunities and to be able to do so in our first six months was just incredible!However, despite taking on a paid employee, we’re still very much volunteer powered and we would not have achieved all this without our tireless volunteer team. So with that in mind, we thought we'd take off to the woods on Wednesday and enjoy…


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