Make or break today! Will we hit target? Anyone who was anyone dusted off their glitter balls and headed to Rosie's for our finale silent disco. The most hilarious and bewildering night ever with Debs on channel 80's balllads and Sue raving to Channel Wedding Party Songs we had a blast. And at 9pm when our crowdfunder came to a close we knew we'd made it, and the dancing shoes could come off and the hair down and wild. What a fantastic end. Now the real work would begin!


Now this is our kind of fundraiser - where you just turn up and stuff yourself with delicious Sri Lankan faire. Felt a bit guilty that those lovely chaps at Temple did all the hard work (thanks Temple!). AND we rearranged their tables (again). You missed a real treat if you didn't make it. Batteries suitably charged for the finale...


Can you tell the novelty is starting to wear off? Oh stop being a whiner - we're on a roll! Saturday's fundraiser was a pay as you feel car wash, hosted by Sam Edwards Garage and JC49 Car Cleaning - thanks so much for your support guys - with support from not-in-the-least-grumpy-teen Louis, who washed alot of cars and didn't moan once about it.


Two events for the price of one today: the first a dry run on the silent disco (thanks St Petroc's - sorry we [Jackie] set off the fire alarm with our [her] crazy DJ effects). If you want to know how well that went, you'll have to read our book; and when we'd sort of recovered from that, it was QUIZ NIGHT! We couldn't have done it without our hosts Sazerac Social who wrote really hard questions, and compere Mr Martin Dorey MBE, who had such a commanding voice he didn't need a mic. The evening concluded with the music round, courtesy of the talented Ezmay Grace.


Wow, who knew Bude loved cake so much? We raised a whopping load of dosh at our pop-up coffee morning take over, and kick-started the rush on sponsored hoppers - who knew Bude loved gravity-fed hygienically sealed food dispensers so much? Thanks Butterbun for allowing us to take over your cafe and Ali of CookSimplyCook for making delicious treats and serving. Oh and all you cake lovers for making the day a success. We even got our faces in the papers again!


Bude Goes Zero Waste At The Barrel with James Dixon Our first gig together as a team, hosted by Rachel at The Barrel Bude. We were supported with music by James Dixon, and a raffle with sought after prizes such as a speed boat, holiday home and top prize a roll of Who Gives A Crap bog paper. The speed boat and holiday home weren't actual prizes, but no-one seemed to mind.

We’re YouTube megastars!

Ok, well perhaps not quite, but those not camera-shy among us put a little video together to raise awareness of our project, and to raise the much needed funds Creds go to Coral Diffey's editing service, for putting together such a splendid vid, whilst managing us superstar movie divas (dahling!)

Fundraising begins!

Money raised Crowdfunder 100% So now we'd told everyone we were going to do it, how were we going to afford it? Aggh. £12,500 to raise, just to open up shop.We set up a crowdfunding page to set the ball rolling...

It’s official!

After finding out how fantastically beneficial to everyone social enterprises are (Jackie even went on a course!), we decided a Community Interest Company was the best way to serve Bude. We even registered with Her Maj to make it all above board and professional!

Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

So after the semi-fame a write up in the Bude & Stratton Post brought the (still theoretical) shop, things really took off. ReFILL was exactly the kind of project local artist Jodie had been looking for. Jodie knew Deb, via A Greener Bude, who arranged for Jodie and Sue to come and meet the rest of the team. An hours meeting at An Mor, became 5 hours of non stop chat, and she never looked back. There's a theme developing here...

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