We made it through Lockdown 2.0! We feel truly privileged to have remained open to serve you throughout 2020 (with just one afternoon off because Lou had the dentist ūüėČ )¬†

Come fill your bottles and tubs in a safe and relaxed way. We’re insisting customers wear masks (as we do), and are limiting numbers to two customers at a time please.

If you can’t wear a mask, we will shop for you ūüôā – or take advantage of our CLICK AND COLLECT service or our HOME DELIVERIES. Order by 12pm for same day delivery – more on that below.


PRICES CURRENT AS OF 1/9/20, but subject to change

We stock the following at our shop at 12a Belle Vue Lane. Order via shopping@refillshop.co.uk for click and collect or home delivery Tuesday/ Friday. On 6 and 13 December, you’ll also find some of our gifts at the 2Minute Foundation’s Christmas Grotto on Crooklets Beach.


1l bottle Tomato, Chilli & Garlic infused Olive Oil £22.95

1l bottle Tuscan herb infused Olive Oil £22.95

250g Sabins coffee in Sabins tin £12.95

250ml bottle Tomato, Chilli & Garlic infused Olive Oil £6.95

250ml bottle Tuscan herb infused Olive Oil £6.95

Chocolate cake gift jar £6.50

Christmas cake kit            £9.95

Gingerbread cake mix    £6.50

Gingerbread cookie mix                £7.50

Mulled wine gift bottle  £3.95



250ml bath hands shower in an an aluminium bottle (refillable) £5.00

250ml hand body lotion in an aluminium bottle (refillable) £6.50

500ml Rose handsoap in an aluminium bottle (refillable) £10.75

B skincare Gardeners gift box     £15.00

B skincare Geranium & rosemary hand gift pack £15.00

B skincare Lemongrass & jojoba hand gift pack   £15.00

B skincare walking gift pack £13.50

Kutis facial care pack       £22.00

Kutis Little Luxuries Gift Set £26

Kutis little luxuries gift set            £26.00

Mutiny large shaving kit                £30.00

Mutiny mini shaving set                £16.00



Lemongrass/ Rose geranium candle in a glass jar £8

Coconut candle £10.00

Fir and organic soy Fire lighters pack (5) £4.95

Soy unscented candle in an amber glass jar £2.95



Chocolate brazils £1.30/ 100g

Chocolate cake gift jar £6.50

Chocolate coins £0.25 /10g

Cinnamon gum £1.25

Dark chocolate honeycomb £0.95/ 100g

Dark, milk and white chocolate buttons in a jar £4.75

Hot chocolate gift bottle               £3.95

Kernow chocolate bah humbug £2.95 /100g

Kernow chocolate dark choc/ stollen      £2.95 /100g

Kernow chocolate milk choc/ xmas pud £2.95 /100g

Kernow chocolate winter punch               £2.95 /100g



Chocolate cake gift jar £6.50

Christmas cake kit            £9.95

Gingerbread cake mix    £6.50

Gingerbread cookie mix                £7.50

Golden Granulated Sugar £0.28                  /100g

Icing sugar           £0.25     /100g

Light muscovado £0.32  /100g

Apple Rings        £0.95     /100g

Apricots               £0.60     /100g

Cranberries        £0.80     /100g

Currants               £0.60     /100g

Dates (whole pitted)      £0.40     /100g

Figs        £0.90     /100g

Glace cherries   £0.80     /100g

Juniper Berries  £0.19     /100g

Lux mixed fruit in BRANDY!         £0.75     /100g

Mixed Fruit         £0.44     /100g

Mixed Peel         £0.35     /100g

Prunes  £1.20     /100g

Raisins (seedless)            £0.45     /100g

Sultanas                £0.40     /100g

All Spice               £0.20     /10g

Cinnamon Sticks               £0.60     /10g

Cloves   £0.40     /10g

Ginger (ground)               £0.15     /10g

Mixed Spice       £0.15     /10g

Nutmeg (ground) £0.50                  /10g

Star anise            £0.40     /10g


Campervan coast £20
Kids Fight Plastic £7.99

No. More. Plastic £7.99



Beebombs £8

GIFT vouchers from £10

Jedz bottle Рaqua/ black/ orange/ white £20

Kernow chocolate bah humbug £2.95 /100g

Knitted xmas decs           £3.50

Rcup      £12.00

Spork in a bag    £7.00
Straws (metal) Рneon £2/ rose gold £1.50/ steel £1




Our regular liquids range in a glass bottle

  • Laundry liquid, non bio /250ml ¬£1.40, 1 ltr ¬£3.50; bio 250ml ¬£1.50/ 1 ltr ¬£4
  • Fabric conditioner /250ml ¬£1.25; 1 ltr ¬£3
Tru Earth laundry strips РLinen/ Baby/ Unfragranced x 32 washes £12.50
Bamboo clothes pins (pegs) x 20/ £5
Guppy Friend Washing Bag £28.00


Refill drops £1.50
Cleaner concentrate you add to water (makes 750ml) – no need for a glass bottle!
  • Anti-bac (ocean mist) / 1 sachet ¬£1.50
  • Multi purpose cleaner (lavender) / 1 sachet ¬£1.50
  • Descaler (pomegranate) / 1 sachet ¬£1.50
Our regular liquids range in a glass bottle
  • Toilet cleaner, lotus & seasalt /250ml ¬£1.35; 1 ltr ¬£3.40
Toilet brush (wooden) £5.50
Toilet Brush and holder £10.00
Who gives a crap toilet roll Р100% recycled £0.70/  premium bamboo £0.90

Refill drops
Cleaner – concentrate you add to water (makes 750ml) – no need for a glass bottle!
  • Kitchen degreaser (citrus kelp) / 1 sachet ¬£1.50
  • Kitchen cleaner (sunset orange) / 1 sachet ¬£1.50
  • Multi purpose cleaner (lavender) / 1 sachet ¬£1.50
  • Floor cleaner (rhubard) / 1 sachet ¬£1.50
  • Anti-bac (ocean mist) / 1 sachet ¬£1.50
Bicarbonate of soda /100g £0.30
Dishwasher powder /100g £0.40
Dishwasher tabs (x70) £13.00
Our regular liquids range includes glass bottle charge we’re passing on at less than cost:
  • All purpose cleaner /250ml ¬£1.55; 1 ltr ¬£3
  • Castille soap /250ml ¬£3.25; 1 ltr ¬£11
  • Cream cleaner /250ml ¬£1.50; 1 ltr ¬£4
  • Rinse aid /250ml ¬£1.25; 1 ltr ¬£3
  • Washing up liquid, fragrance free/ spiced ginger /250ml ¬£1.25; 1 ltr ¬£3
  • White vinegar /250ml ¬£1; 1 ltr ¬£2
Coconut Scrub Pad £2.10
Compostable Sponges £4.00
Dish brush (wooden) £2.00
Ecococonut bottle brush £5.00
Ecococonut scourer (twin pack) £5.00
Loofco cleaning pad £4.50
Loofco dishbrush £5
Loofco w-up pad £4.20
Straw brush £0.50
Vegetable brush £1.50
Washing-up sponge pack £7
Metal dustpan and brush £12
Paper tape small £2.75/ large £3.95
Bags, bottles and jars
Bin Bags Р7Ltr/ £4.99/ 30Ltr/ £8.99/ 50Ltr £10.99
Glass bottle (250ml) £1.00/ (1l) £2.00
Lever arm jar 500ml £2.50/ 750ml £3.00/ 950ml £3.50/ 1.5l £4.50/ 2l £5.00
Spice jar (60ml pot) £0.75
Spice jar (tilt) £1
Snack bags £7
Tea bags (reusable organic) £1.50 x4 £5
Veggio produce bags ‚Äď 3 bags ¬£5.00/ 5 bags ¬£7
Wax Bread wrap £10
Wax wraps £15
Poo Bags x 25 £2.50/ x 50 £4.9


33% Fruit Muesli              £0.28     /100g
Fruit Granola                    £0.40     /100g
GF Jumbo Oats                £0.40     /100g
GF Muesli (organic)         £0.88     /100g
Jumbo Oats (organic)      £0.22     /100g
Kelloggs Bran Flakes       £0.56     /100g
Kelloggs Coco Pops         £0.57     /100g
Kelloggs Cornflakes         £0.41     /100g
Kelloggs Rice Krispies     £0.55     /100g
Muesli Base (organic)     £0.26     /100g
Regular Oats                   £0.12     /100g
Strawberry Granola         £0.48     /100g
Summerfruits Muesli      £0.45     /100g
Tropical Muesli               £0.45     /100g


Apple Rings        £0.95     /100g
Apricots             £0.60     /100g
Banana Chips     £0.50     /100g
Coconut Flakes £0.95     /100g
Cranberries        £0.80     /100g
Crystallised Ginger       £0.10     /100g
Currants             £0.60     /100g
Dates (pitted)    £0.40     /100g
Desiccated Coconut        £0.60     /100g
Dried Mushrooms           £0.70     /100g
Dried Onion        £0.80     /100g
Figs                   £0.90     /100g
Glace Cherries   £0.80     /100g
Goji Berries        £1.80     /100g
Juniper Berries  £0.19     /100g
Mango Cubes     £1.80     /100g
Mango Strips (organic)  £1.85     /100g
Mixed Fruit         £0.44     /100g
Mixed Peel         £0.35     /100g
Prunes               £1.20     /100g
Raisins (seedless)        £0.40     /100g
Sultanas              £0.40     /100g
Sun dried Tomatoes        £1.30     /100g


Almonds (blanched whole)         £1.65     /100g
Almonds (flaked)                        £1.58     /100g
Almonds (ground)                       £1.52     /100g
Almonds (skin on, whole)            £1.48     /100g
Brazils                                        £1.80     /100g
Cashews Whole                          £1.80     /100g
Hazelnuts (roasted)                   £1.60     /100g
Luxury Mixed Nuts (unsalted)    £1.80     /100g
Mixed Nuts (salted)        £1.70     /100g
Peanuts (roasted & salted)          £0.50     /100g
Peanuts (roasted unsalted)         £0.70     /100g
Pecan Nuts         £2.40     /100g
Pine Nuts            £0.50     /10g
Walnut Halves   £1.60     /100g


Arborio Rice       £0.30     /100g
Basmati Brown (organic)               £0.56     /100g  
Basmati White (organic)                £0.56     /100g
Buckwheat roasted (organic)      £1.00     /100g
Bulgar Wheat     £0.23     /100g
Cous Cous           £0.25     /100g
Cous Cous Wholemeal (organic)   £0.40     /100g
Long Grain Brown Rice   £0.24     /100g
Long Grain White Rice    £0.18     /100g
Pearl Barley        £0.11     /100g
Popping Corn     £0.24     /100g
Quinoa £0.75     /100g
Thai Jasmine Fragrant Rice           £0.32     /100g


Celentani               £0.20     /100g
Conch Shells      £0.20     /100g
Fusilli White (organic)     £0.30     /100g
Fusilli Wholemeal (organic)          £0.30     /100g
GF Fusilli              £0.65     /100g
GF Mini Shells    £0.65     /100g
GF Spaghetti      £0.65     /100g
Macaroni             £0.20     /100g
Noodles               £0.75     /100g
Orzo         £0.20     /100g
Penne White     £0.20     /100g
Penne Wholemeal          £0.20     /100g
Spaghetti White               £0.20     /100g
Spaghetti Wholemeal    £0.20     /100g
Tortigli (high protein)        £0.20     /100g


Bean Mix             £0.40     /100g
Black Turtle Beans           £0.33     /100g
Butter Beans      £0.50     /100g
Chickpeas            £0.28     /100g
Green Lentils     £0.24     /100g
Haricot Beans    £0.28     /100g
Kidney Beans     £0.32     /100g
Puy Lentils          £0.32     /100g
Red Lentils          £0.22     /100g
Soup mix             £0.23     /100g
Soya Beans         £0.25     /100g
Yellow Split Peas              £0.22     /100g


00 pasta/ pizza flour                              £1.60     /1 kg bag
100% Wholemeal Bread Flour (organic)  £1.50     /100g
GF Plain White Flour (Doves)                  £3.20     /1 kg bag
Plain Flour (organic)                                £1.70     /100g
Self-raising Flour (organic)                      £1.70     /100g
Strong White Bread Flour (organic)          £1.50     /100g
Wholemeal Strong Flour (organic)            £2.00     /100g
Baking Powder  £0.50     /100g
Bicarbonate of Soda       £0.30     /100g
Bouillon Powder (Organic vegetable)      £1.10     /100g
Brewers yeast   £0.14     /100g
Cocoa Powder   £1.00     /100g
Coconut Sugar   £0.93     /100g
Cornflour             £0.23     /100g
Demerara Sugar               £0.31     /100g
Golden Granulated Sugar             £0.28     /100g
Sausage Mix       £1.75     /100g
Doves Farm Yeast £1.25


All Spice               £0.20     /10g
Basil       £0.25     /10g
Bay Leaves          £0.75     /10g
Cardamom (ground)       £0.80     /10g
Cardamoms        £0.70     /10g
Cayenne Pepper              £0.15     /10g
Celery Seeds      £0.60     /10g
Chilli Powder      £0.15     /10g
Chillies (crushed)             £0.15     /10g
Chives   £0.40     /10g
Cinnamon (ground)        £0.15     /10g
Cinnamon Sticks               £0.60     /10g
Cloves   £0.40     /10g
Coriander (ground)         £0.15     /10g
Coriander Leaf  £0.25     /10g
Coriander Seeds               £0.15     /10g
Cumin (ground)                £0.15     /10g
Cumin Seeds      £0.15     /10g
Curry Powder    £0.12     /10g
Fajita Seasoning               £0.15     /10g
Fennel Seeds     £0.15     /10g
Garam Masala   £0.15     /10g
Garlic Granules £0.15     /10g
Garlic Powder    £0.15     /10g
Garlic salt             £0.15     /10g
Ginger (ground)               £0.15     /10g
Italian Seasoning              £0.25     /10g
Lemongrass        £0.25     /10g
Marjoram            £0.25     /10g
Mint      £0.15     /10g
Mixed Herbs      £0.25     /10g
Mixed Spice       £0.15     /10g
Mustard Seeds £0.10     /10g
Nutmeg (ground)   £0.50     /10g
Oregano          £0.25     /10g
Onion Powder £0.15     /10g
Paprika £0.15     /10g
Parsley £0.30     /10g
Peppercorns Black           £0.20     /10g
Ras-el-Hanout   £0.20     /10g
Rosemary            £0.25     /10g
Sage      £0.20     /10g
Sajlas Taaza Curry Mix    £0.50     /10g
Sea Salt (coarse)               £0.10     /10g
Sea Salt (fine)    £0.10     /10g
Smoked Paprika               £0.15     /10g
Star anise            £0.40     /10g
Tarragon              £0.50     /10g
Thyme  £0.25     /10g
Turmeric              £0.15     /10g


Chia Seeds          £0.72     /100g
Hemp Seeds organic       £0.80     /100g
Hulled Hemp Seeds (organic)     £2.60     /100g
Linseeds (Flax)  £0.50     /100g
Omega Seed Mix             £0.55     /100g
Poppy Seeds      £1.30     /100g
Pumpkin Seeds (organic)              £0.90     /100g
Sesame Seeds   £0.80     /100g
Sunflower Seeds (organic)           £0.90     /100g


1 ltr Olive oil       £10.50   /1 litre
1 ltr RAW Health Apple Cyder Vinegar    £4.60     /1 litre
1 ltr Tamari              £10.50   /1 litre
1ltr Rapeseed Oil              £2.60     /1 litre
Olive Oil (Organic Extra Virgin)    £1.05     /100g
Rapeseed Oil     £1.75     /100g
Tamari  £1.05     /100g
Tomato, Chilli & Garlic Oil              £1.80     /100g
Tuscan Herb Oil £1.80     /100g

Coffee Myanmar Green Land     £3.60     /100g
Decaf tea (loose leaf)      £1.80     /100g
DJ Miles Tea (loose leaf)               £1.30     /100g


Bombay Mix       £0.40     /100g
Chocolate Brazils              £1.30     /100g
Chocolate Peanuts          £0.95     /100g
Chocolate Raisins             £0.95     /100g
Dark Buttons      £1.20     /100g
Haribo   £0.52     /100g
Milk Buttons      £1.20     /100g
Moo Free Chocolate Buttons (organic)   £1.80     /100g
White Buttons   £1.20     /100g 

Bodywash and soap

Friendly soap body bar £2.50
Friendly soap mini guest bars ‚Äď pack of 24 ¬£12.50
Liquid soap includes glass bottle charge we’re passing on at less than cost:
  • Lemongrass & Bergamot body wash/250g ¬£2.60 ; 1 ltr ¬£8.50
  • Pomegranate body wash /250g ¬£3.75 ; 1 ltr ¬£13
  • Fig/ rose liquid handsoap/250g ¬£2.25; 1 ltr ¬£7
Friendly soap tin £5.00
Nail brush (wooden) £1.50
Loofco wash pad £5.00
Loofco body loofah £4.20
Friendly soap shampoo bar £3.50
Pure Nuff Stuff hair & body bar £7.00
Soap dish (bamboo) £4.00
Liquid shampoo includes glass bottle charge we’re passing on at less than cost:
  • Lemongrass & Bergamot /250g ¬£2.60 ; 1 ltr ¬£8.50
  • Pomegranate /250g ¬£3.75 ; 1 ltr ¬£13
Friendly soap conditioner bar £6.00
Liquids includes glass bottle charge we’re passing on at less than cost:
  • Lemongrass & Bergamot /250g ¬£2.60 ; 1 ltr ¬£8.50
  • Pomegranate /250g ¬£3.75 ; 1 ltr ¬£13
Kutis £6.50
Your nature £7.99
Denttabs /10g £1.25
Georganics mouthwash tabs Рmint/ orange £9.00
FETE toothbrush adult/ child £4.00/ family pack £12.99
FETE toothbrush holder £4.00
Menstrual products
Hey girls menstrual cup large/ small £8.95
Menstrual pads £25.00
Skin care
Friendly soap face bar ‚Äď shea butter/ cocoa butter/ detox ¬£3.50
B skincare face moisturiser Рaloe/ rose £7.50
B skincare face oil £9.50
B skincare face scrub £7.00
SHADE sunscreen ‚Äď 15ml (small)/ ¬£4.00/ 100ml (large) ¬£10.00
Kutis Lip balm Рlime/ nude/ peppermint/ vanilla £4.50/ rosy tinted £5.00
B skincare hand cream Рbeeswax/ geranium £6.50
B skincare muscle rub £7.50
Cotton buds £2.50
Cotton pads £6.50
Make-up wipes £7.00
Friendly soap shaving bar £3.50
Mutiny soap shaving bar £4.00
B skincare beard oil £8.50
Mutiny blades (5 pack) £1.50
Mutiny shaving brush £13.00
Mutiny shaving large box £25.00
Mutiny shaving mini box £16.00
Mutiny shaving razor £12.00
Mutiny soap tin £3.00
Mutiny washbag £9.00
Mother and baby
Baby cream £1.00
Baby soap £4.50
Breast pads (x 4) £5.00
Baby bum balm £7.00
Cotton buds £2.50
Nipple soothing balm £6.00
Wet wipes £10.00
Do you have a holiday let, local business, live further out or just don’t like shopping much? We can support you with bulk buying.

As we are a community interest company our margins are already rather tight, but we want to support other local businesses and can offer a small discount if this is you. It works in the same way. 


Complete your order form and email it back to us at: shopping@refillshop.co.uk 

We advise you when your order can be collected.

Pay by card on receipt of invoice.


We’ve always offered online shopping, but during these unprecedented times, limited contact shopping has become the new norm.

We are now offering a handy time saving shopping option that allows you to limit contact with others. Simply complete the online order form and collect your goodies after the shop closes at 4pm the following day.¬† Here’s how it works:

Above is a list of our full product range and prices, and here’s a link to our order form, available in two formats: MS Word¬†or PDF.

Complete your order form and email it back to us at:  shopping@refillshop.co.uk and we will pack your order for you. 

We will pack in paper bags/ our own glass bottles.

We are not able to pack in your own bags/ jars currently – this allows us to maintain our highest standards of biosecurity. You are welcome to come and fill your own jars when you collect the rest of your shopping.

Pay by card – we will call you for payment and let you know that your order is ready to collect.


IFrom March 2020, we offered a free delivery service to everyone – from Morwenstow to Widemouth Bay and all the parishes in between six days a week. Lockdown has eased now, and more than 500 deliveries later, with the help of our lovely volunteer driver, are in a position to keep this service open to vulnerable customers that don’t have friends or family to help them – for free every MONDAY.¬†

Those that aren’t sheilding but would like their shopping delivered can do so by placing an online order in the usual way. We deliver¬†to any address from Kilkhampton to Widemouth Bay, for the small charge of ¬£2.50 per delivery! We can deliver further afield – call for a quote.

Order by 12pm on the day, for delivery after 5pm TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS!



If you’d like to chat to us before you email us your online/ bulk order give us a call¬†T: (01288) 355561