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Hallowe’en without the (plastic) Horror – four easy swaps you’ll fang us for

Hallowe'en without the (plastic) Horror - four easy swaps you'll fang us for In a dark, dark wood, there lived a dark dark... OK so, the real horror story is this October, Hallowe'en is expected to generate an additional 2000 tonnes of plastic from costumes alone - equivalent to 83 million plastic bottles. And the total plastic waste footprint of Hallowe'en is of course much higher when you consider party kits and decorations, and Hallowe'en food packaging, most of which is single use. Shocking! Lovers of infographics can find the full sickening report at plastic-free doesn't have to mean petrifying! Here's our non-scary sustainable swaps for a zero-waste Hallowe'en NO TRICKS - ALL TREATS!While passing out fruit might sound like a good way to get your house egged, windfall toffee apples pumpkin face tangerines are always a huge hit with our trick or treaters. Not convinced? ReFill Shop Bude has plenty of zero waste palm oil free treats for your party or those visiting ghouls - from Haribo to Bombay Mix, to dried fruit and nuts, to chocolate buttons! We'll even supply you with paper bags. If you are having a party, ask your guests to bring home-made treats in reuseable containers. MAKE IT!More than 30 million of us are set to dress up and frighten our friends and neighbours - with most people buying new costumes each year, of which 40% are worn just once, and only a tiny proportion sent for recycling. Here's Gen and Issac showing us there's no need to…


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