Get your (natural) scrub on

Natural cleaning with ReFILL Shop Bude Disinfecting spray, bleach, surface cleaners, disinfecting wipes—the products themselves and their packaging generate a huge amount of waste and pollute not only our water, but affect our air quality too. Why not cut the plastic and save some pennies by making your own from every day ingredients? Despite what the Hinch crowd might have you believe, cleaning a house naturally is no less effective than using harsh chemicals. Switching to homemade DIY cleaners might sound like a lot more work, but it’s actually quite simple. You can buy the core ingredients here at ReFILL Shop Bude, and the optional extras you’ll probably already have, or are otherwise easy to come by. Key ingredients These items are available to buy in our shop white vinegar coarse salt sodium bicarbonate rapeseed oil castile soap These ingredients you may already have at home lemons essential oils washing up liquid washing soda (sodium carbonate) – if you don’t have this at home, make your own – cover the bottom of a baking tray with an inch of sodium bicarbonate, and heat in the oven at 200C for 1 hour, stirring occasionally) reuseable cloths spray bottles 18 recipes for cleaning the natural way Glass cleaner Pic cred: Combine the following ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well:  2 cups of water.  Here in Cornwall we have soft water, but if you live in a hard water area, use distilled or filtered so it doesn’t leave residue 2 tablespoons vinegar Lemon or orange…


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